Marshall, best known for its iconic amplifiers used by many of the top bands over the years, has been branching out into the headphone business over the past year or so. Their latest addition to their headphone line is the the Marshall Major FX headphone. These headphones are just like the regular Major headphones except that these are made exclusively to work with Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

The Major FX features classic Marshall design that mimics the look and feel of their classic amplifiers. They are made from the same heavy duty black vinyl as their amps and are even textured like them. They also feature super soft cushions for a superior comfortable feel. Each Major FX is full collapsible for easy storage and transportation.

What makes the FX line unique is that they feature an inline control switch that works flawlessly with Apple products. By using a series of clicks, you can control all iPod music functions as well as use it to pick up and hang up phone calls. The proprietary chip inside the microphone and remote allows users to smoothly navigate their iPod, iPhone or iPad from the remote located on the FX cord.

The Marshall Major FX headsets are available now in the Apple Store or on Marshall’s website for $140 and are made exclusively for use with the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad.


Price – $140.00
Compatibility – Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack, but optimized for Apple devices
Availability – Apple Store or Marshall’s website

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