November 19, 2011 was a very important date for Zelda Fans in New York City, Nintendo World at Rockefeller Center announced there was going to be a launch party for the most anticipated game of the year; The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords. Fans everywhere have been counting down the days, and on Saturday you saw just how excited they were.

Saturday Morning at 7 am as I was walking to the Nintendo Store there was already a big line waiting to get the game a day early and have their picture taken with the Legendary Master Sword. The Legend of Zelda Is celebrating its 25th year anniversary and fans couldn’t wait to be a part of it. I spoke to a group of guys who were first on line, I asked them what time did they get here one guy told me “I’ve been here since yesterday got here around 8 pm”. You also had fans in Cosplay (which mean when a person comes dressed up as a character) I saw several Links and a princess Zeldas.

As fans were let in some of them were being interviewed by big networks like “Comedy Central, MTV and Zelda Dudgeon” to name a few, as I saw fans being interviewed I saw the Zelda Guru himself Isaiah “TriForce” Johnson.

Isaiah “TriForce” Johnson
Known as “TriForce” (a name given to him by his friends), he is the go to person when it comes to The Legend of Zelda, TriForce worked for Nintendo World for 6 months before leaving the company because of schedule differences. Isaiah “TriForce” is a big fixture in the gaming world, Twin Galaxies The Official Electronic Game Scoreboard has given him his own video game trading card, only a few true gamers from around the world are awarded with this honor, he is the founder of an organization for advanced gamers called Empire Arcadia he also supports female gamers, when I found this out, me as a female gamer wanted to know why he was such a big supporter for the female gamers his answer was; “I don’t think female gamers get the same respect as male gamers, if they were given a chance I know a lot of female gamers that would play better than most guys”. TriForce also did the launch party for Mario 3D Land. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was nominated for Game of the year and Franchise Video Game Hall of Fame on Spike TV’s Video Gaming Award, TriForce will be traveling to promote the game.

The Legend of Zelda launch party allowed fans to see a showcase of every Legend of Zelda game and apparel since 1986, and you were able to get the game a day early, even got to play the demo. You had The Legend of Zelda Trivia, which tested your knowledge on the franchise, fans stopped to talk to each and share their favorite Zelda moments and what they’re expectations are for this game. This event was a big deal to me, as we all know I’m a big fan of the franchise, looking at all the Zelda games brought back great memories of when I was a kid; I meet some great people that day. I want to thank Isaiah “TriForce” Johnson for taking time out of his busy schedule to give me an interview.

Nintendo went all out for this event and with great reason; The Legend of Zelda has hit its 25th anniversary a very big deal in the gaming world, not many gaming franchise have lasted this long and with such a huge fan base, we look forward to see what the future will bring for Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda series.

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