This is something totally new for us here at G Style Magazine. We have covered gadgets, mainly consumers electronics for the last 6 years. So it is with much excitement that we have evolved even further to now start talking about consumer vehicles as well. While we aren’t a car blog per se (though that in itself would be awesome too), as technology grows and evolves, you can start seeing some really cool and stylish tech moving into the auto market as well. With the Lincoln MKS, they wanted us to check out the THX Certified audio system. Does it deliver theater style sounds on the go? I’ll talk about that below, but since this is a new genre for us at G Style, we didn’t stop there, we’ll do a full review of the Lincoln MKS and talk about all the cool features of the car.

First off I must say, when I think of Lincoln cars, I think of the Lincoln Towncar, which brings thoughts of cabs and old people. The Lincoln brand isn’t the first car company I think of when I want to look for a new car. The MKS has made me take a second look at this company. Once I try out the MKX next, I’ll have a rounded impression of Lincoln, but I can say they are off to a good start. So again this is a first for us, so let’s see if I can do a G Style review on this Lincoln MKS.

Man what can I say, this car is nice, Lincoln sent one over in Black, and Black is the way to go! A interesting comment made by a friend on Facebook was that the MKS looks like Pontiac with a little bit of alien, and I would have to agreed. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I like a little bit of alien, futuristic accents in a car, so this definitely has that. Both inside and out, the MKS looks stylish, and luxurious. No doubt it is a classy car.

Driving the MKS is smooth. For some reason, even though it is a car, I feel like I’m riding higher up on the road, and from the inside, the car seems huge if that makes sense. Creature comforts are at a premium in this car. I mean we’re talking heated leather seats, driver/passenger independent climate controls, front and back seat sun roofs, push button start, and seats that remembers the position you had it in. This car has it all.

The ride was pleasant, it took NYC potholes and bumps like a champ, barely felt anything on most bumps. This car also has great pick up, and I love a car with good acceleration. The car even has this sensor/alert that triggers when you are too close to the car in front of you, or if you are changing lanes and another car is in that lane, it will alert you. This wasn’t always a cool feature though, especially for New York City driving. We tailgate here, so with this trigger going off whenever it thought I was too close was quite annoying at times. Other than this, the car is great.

The Lincoln MKS is tech-ed out! I mean this car has SYNC technology by Microsoft, CD/DVD player, in car navigation, Bluetooth phone connection, neon interior lighting, and THX Certified audio system. I’ll start with that. Playing music was superb in the MKS! I love my music with bass, and it pumped it out with power! Traveling around, playing music was a pleasant experience. The sounds was crispy, loud, and clear.

Beyond the sound system, I was able to connect my phone (I used the Motorola DROID RAZR that we recently checked out), and use it to make phone calls, and stream music via my Spotify app. This was beautiful! It was a streaming music weekend and Spotify commanded the sound system and it worked flawlessly. I was even able to control the the next and previous track functions. I wasn’t sure as sometimes remote controls work with a native player, but a 3rd party app you can’t be too sure. When not listening to music, I figure what better way to test the THX Certified theater sound system than to play a movie. My choice Tron Legacy. The Surround sound was again excellent in the front seat and back. While you won’t be seeing anyone switching from going to their local IMAX theater anytime soon for the car, this was perfect for on the go theater.

The Sync system by Microsoft was equally impressive, though I had a few minor sore spots. One of them being having to wait. I pressed the but it waits for my command and then it talks to me to acknowledge, and you have to wait until it is finished talking and ready to listen again for another command. I wish it was more like automated system you call on the phone. You have the commands you can give, but you can interrupt it to give the next command and the system stops talking and executes your next command. This taking turns to speak business was a little annoying. Especially when I had to wait for it to repeat a number back to me. I couldn’t just interrupt and say dial, I had to wait for Sync to repeat the number and then wait for it to be ready to listen to me again. Other than this, the Sync system was bring cool. I didn’t testing it out fully, but will when I check out the MKX very soon.

Though a weekend was too short a time to spent with this car, I definitely enjoyed my time. The ride was smooth, the music was pumping, and the creature comforts kept me relaxed and at ease. If I could ask for anything in a vehicle, those would be it, and the MKS delivered. While this is the first of the genre, it has started off on a good note, and we look forward to review more in the future hopefully. For now check out the MKS, it changed my opinion on Lincoln, I now know they do more than taxi cabs and cars old people drive :oP Also check out the mini gallery on the Gallery page coming soon. We’ll also have some video too combined with our MKX review, so be on the look out for that.

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