General Electric has come out with a new digital camera, but this digital camera comes with an option to use a projector to show off your picture’s, but how well will the projector work on a Camera?

The PJ1 is a little thicker than most digital cameras on the market weighing in at 125g, 101mm on width, 65mm and 22mm in depth. Holding the camera in hand did feel a little bulky. The front of the camera is all black with the GE logo on the upper right hand side. The top of the camera has power button, the zoom button and the projector button. On the right hand side is the USB cord goes, the back is also all black and screen is 3.0 inches, the back has all of your function buttons, the bottom is where the SD card and battery are.

The video on the PJ1 is HD 720p, the video quality was good but did become blurry when I would move the camera too fast, smile detection is a feature that when the person smiles the shutter automatically releases, blink detection alerts you if the person’s eyes may be closed when the photo was taken and then you have high dynamic range which adjusts exposure for more detail in light and dark scenes, Then you have the projector which allows you to take a picture and share it with everyone by a press of a button.

Brief Specs
Camera resolution (megapixels): 14.1
Digital zoom: 6x
Optical zoom: 7x
Video mode: Yes
Zoom (telephoto): 196mm
Zoom (wide angle): 28mm
Display Screen size: 3in
Display technology: LCD
Optical image stabilization: Yes
Other features: Built-in pico projector, cooling dock
Supported memory media: SD

The picture’s came out good I wasn’t really impressed, the pictures have the same quality of a smartphone, the good thing is that the phone is easy to operate. The projector feature sounds pretty cool but in order to actually see the picture you’re displaying you must hold the camera close to the wall and also be in a dark room, if you are too far from the wall the picture becomes blurry and you really can’t tell what you’re looking at. For $499 I wouldn’t go out and buy it this product, just not worth it to me.

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