Sol Republic. A name you probably haven’t heard of, but you will definitely get used to seeing in the future. Sol Republic is run by Kevin Lee, son of Monster Cable’s founder Noel Lee. These pretty much caught my mind and ears when I originally got a quick test of them last month and I had to have my own. Now I haven’t been the biggest fan of Monster so I was a little wary of these, but the most I gave these a listen the more i grew to love them. They are definitely like wearing eye candy as I’ve had numerous people ask me about them, giving a test and giving background on them. Hey Kevin Lee hire me for marketing, lol just kidding. For the price of $100, I believe they may of hit the stereo headset sweet spot.

The Tracks are a stereo headset which features detachable cables, headphone speakers on each ear and headband. It would seem that everything would be replaceable if something goes wrong. Cables shorts out, get a new one, want better sounding headphones(cans) upgrade to the HDs possibly? Feeling a different color for your personality, switch to the flavor for your choice. If they can do this, I can see consumers staying with the product as they never fully have to buy a new headset. As of right now Tracks are available in Red, White, and Black. The cables on each side can get in the way and would to see one sided cable but based on the design of these can’t see that happening.

The Sol Republic Tracks headband is made out of a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech which is supposed to make it virtually indestructible. I have given it some twists and bends and I cant really see you snapping these things anytime soon. The ear cushions are soft and I haven’t felt any discomfort from wearing them over long periods. These go on top of your ears rather then surrounding your ears completely like other headsets. On the cables you have a microphone and volume controls. The mic works extremely well as I had many convos on my phone with them on and people stated they didn’t even know I was wearing them. That is a ultimate plus in my book. The controls work well on my Android devices, not so for my Zune HD but what can I expect.

The Tracks use what they call a V-8 Sound Engine which is supposed to give you a premium listening experience of great powerful sound and strong deep bass. I tested with everything from Rock,Pop, R&B, Techno, and Hip Hop to give equal playing. I felt the bass real good throughout a lot of tracks without really bleeding out the actual song itself. I will say if you crank these to max capacity it can get a little distorted. I will say I listened to my favorite tracks and I’m hearing sounds I haven’t heard before which is a good.

I think Sol Republic is making a good start here with their Tracks line of headsets. The price is just right at $99, the product is appealing, and innovative for which can be done with it. I see it giving the Tracks a long lifespan and giving it wings that other headsets may not be able to get. Also they are pretty stylish.

“Tracks” by Sol Republic are available currently at Best Buys and Apple Stores.

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