Going to school full time is no easy task! Working while doing so does not make the situation any easier.  Throughout my college career there were a few apps that helped me manage my time and hectic schedule.


Note taking is essential in acing your courses. Keeping your notes organized is key as well. Evernote works on your smartphone, desktop and web app program.  If you forget your netbook or your tablet battery dies; you can type on your notes on your phone and it will sync them to your account.  You can share notebooks on your social networks.   This app is useful for doing the minimal in keeping your notes updated and organized in multiple places

Price: Free




Kindle is great in many ways! You can save a ton of money on your textbooks.  It’s accessible on nearly every device and as a desktop program.  Most textbooks that are available on kindle are about 20% less than the hardcopy price.  As time passes more and more textbooks are available for kindle.  That is a ton of savings when textbooks range from $80 – $175!

Price: Free




Now that you have your books and your schedule on hand it is essential to keep course assignments and deadlines up-to-date and organized. The to-do list is made for students.  Details such as the number of credits a class is worth to assignment types can be entered.  It’s “report card” capabilities keep track of your grades in the same manner your professor does (tests count more than quizzes, etc.).

Try out the demo version first; CoursePro Demo.

Price: $2.99




Google finally came out with an app for viewing Google docs.  It has rave reviews from Android users.  You can do nearly everything from your android device.  You can create, edit and upload documents! Good for viewing PDFs and spreadsheets on the go.

Price: Free




With all that’s going on in college keeping a budget is not so easy.  This is where Mint comes in.  It helps provide easy money management for all your accounts in one place.  It tracks everything from cash spending to investments such as a 401K.   Setting up and keeping your budget should be a lot easier with this app.

Price: Free

So this is my list, if you are in college what about you? What apps help you the most while in school?

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