In the third installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise, the movie takes us even further back into the ghostly happenings of the movie’s featured sisters. In this one, the film shows the two sisters from the first two movies as young girls dealing with the violent entity that has plagued them in the later films. It introduces us to the main supernatural entity known to the youngest of the sisters as “Toby”. Her mother and father believe it’s just a natural thing for a child to have an imaginary friend, until they find out very quickly that Toby is anything but imaginary. It seems that this make believe friend that their child is talking to, is really a spirit, that is determined to be in their daughters life a little more than they would hope.

Well it just goes to show that people want to be scared, even if it’s just by camera tricks and load sounds. The movie set a record for horror movies, by having an opening weekend of 54 million dollars at the box office. Each one of these movies has done better than its predecessor and has also been scarier with each installment. Now I really didn’t like the original movie, I somewhat enjoyed the second installment of the franchise, and I felt this was the best one so far in the trilogy. Yeah it was still somewhat not that scary to me, but it definitely upped the scare tactics in this film. Of course there were the usual unseen noises and door closing effects in this one, but they pushed the envelope with having the spirit being much more sinister and evil from the start. What I don’t understand is that if these little girls went through this as children from their parents filming the house at night, why in the hell would they also take on this pattern of behavior as adults. Just stop filming! If I had gone through what these girls went through, I would never again want to see the things that go bump in the night. So as you can see, not much thought is going into these movies, the writers are just going with the flow. Which is cool I guess, as long as you’re making an effort to make each one scarier than the last. I gave this film 2 ½ frights out of 4. It was a lot creepier than the first two, even thought the ending is something of a cliff hanger.

The film runs 1 hour and 22 mins. It’s rated R for haunting effects and scary situations. It was produced by Oren Peli and Jason Blum. The film was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Do you really want to know what goes on while you sleep? – Ezo
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