Have you ever dated someone for a long time and then broke up? Then after a period of dating other people, you bump into that past love, maybe even decide to pick things up to see if you have that spark. You go on a couple dates, but then it hits you. You no longer feel the same way about him or her anymore. This is how I feel about the Blackberry.

My last Blackberry before I left was the Blackberry 9700 and I loved it. But after awhile I was getting bored and wanted something new. However RIM was pretty much releasing the same ole stuff they have been before. This is pretty much the case with the Blackberry Torch 9810. While I do like the new housing for the Blackberry 9810, it is still the same ole Blackberry experience I’ve seen since the 9700 with OS 6.

I still feel the same way about the slider form factor as I did back in my full review of the original Blackberry Torch. The slider just isn’t for me, if I was going to go to any Blackberry device, it would probably be something like the current Blackberry 9900 model. This model gives me the touchscreen and keyboard in a form factor similar to what I wished for in the 9700.

Then there is the performance of this device. This actually is very good. Having that 1.2GH processor and 768MB of RAM definitely gave the new Torch a little kick to it, a little more speed. So I enjoyed the smoothness is navigating this new design, but I just couldn’t recapture the love I once had for it. So with that I move on, maybe when the QNX phones come out, I’ll feel different. For now my love affair with Blackberry is over…

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