Last week we were sent a Messenger bag by, which is designed by ful. This is one stylish bag and that isn’t the end of this, this bag has got power. But let’s talk about the bag first. Traditionally I’m not a fan of Messenger bags as I can never find one with just the right mix of pockets, size, and comfort. I’ve always been more of a backpack man, but lately I’ve been getting tired or maybe just bored of backpacks, so this give me a chance to check out a messenger bag to see if I can get back into them.

The Powerbag Messenger bag I have came in Black, though it also comes in gray. I was a little disappointed here to see those are the only two colors available for it. Would love to see it come in Blue like the Backpack, but maybe in the future.

Well if not Blue, the Black would be my second choice. Love the amounts of pockets this bag has and it has been made with modern times in mind. Not only was there a section for my laptop, but there was a tablet section perfect for an HP Touchpad, iPad, or 10 inch or small Android tablet. Sweet!

When it came to pockets, there was plenty. I count four on the front, one in the back, and little inside pocket. There was plenty of space in each pocket to sit a bunch of accessories, and the main compartment can all several books, or magazine and various papers.

Now that we’ve talk style, let’s dive into the power. Really I haven’t seen (or at least heard) of any other bag that gives you power on the go, but this bag does it. Imagine traveling, working out day outside and now your phone or tablet is just out of juice. You in the park or a Starbucks, and not an outlet in site or unoccupied. What are you do to? Well in this case, simply put your device in your bag. The Powerbag comes with a rechargeable battery hidden nicely inside that can power your devices with ease.

Connected to the main battery, you will have a connector for your iPod/iPad/iPhone, a connector for Mini and Micro USB, or if you have your own USB cable there is a USB port on directly on the battery you can use. You simply connect and recharge away. No worries needed. The bag even has a cool little indicator on the front that shows you how much power the bag has left. On a charge, the Powerbag has enough juice to recharge a smartphone about four times. So this bag can charge your smartphone, tablet, or eReader. Sadly though it can’t charge your laptop. I wish it could do that, if I could charge my Macbook Pro that would truly be awesome! Maybe in a future version I can only hope!

Recharging the bag is as simple as plugging in the adapter into the wall, and into the small port on the side of the bag. You can even leave your gadgets connected while charging the bag. First it will charge your device and then charge the bag.

The Powerbag Messenger bag designed by ful, is something I haven’t seen before and I like the concept. I’ve been using the bag now for a few days now and this messenger bag has been comfortable to carry. Your basic Black goes with everything of course, so style is on point and having a bag that will keep your gadgets going as long as you do is a definitely plus. This Messenger bag will run you about $139.99 and you should be able to find you in most major retailers like Amazon or Best Buy.

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