Well quite some time has passed since I was lured away from the Blackberry platform by the HTC Inspire 4G, and I’ve have been with Android since. Have I regretted that decision? Not at all, seeing as how I use some many Google based products, an Android phone is almost a perfect fit to contain all of them. The one thing I have learned about the Android platform is the fact that new and better models continue to pump out after you have settled with one. I picked up the HTC Inspire back in February and though I really like my Inspire, I already feel the urge for something newer.

Back with Blackberry this was a simple choice. If you had the 8900, you was going to upgrade to the newer 8300 model, then 9000, 9700, 9800, and so on. With Android, there are some many different manufacturers of Android phones, that there is a healthy selection. I could go with Motorola or Samsung, maybe even HTC or LG. With so many types of devices out there, which one should I select next. Motorola seems to have the LTE 4G ones out right now with the ThunderBolt and DROID Bionic but I don’t want to go to Verizon Wireless. I had a look at AT&T’s website recently and just couldn’t find anything worth leaving my Inspire 4G for. I won’t do another Samsung Android phone after my experiences with the Samsung Captivate. So really what do I get next? Right now it is looking as if I’ll be waiting for a little bit for a new device.

Maybe HTC will release something on AT&T that will how have some powerful specs, front facing camera,Sense 3.0 (other Sense version whatever by that time), and some AT&T LTE. Yup I think I’ll might just wait until AT&T lights up some LTE in New York before I buy something new. I just put a new ROM on my HTC Inspire 4G and that has Sense 3.0, so I’m content at the moment!

What about you, what new device are you looking at to purchase next?

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