If there one thing you can say about the iPhone 4, it’s that there certainly are no shortage of cases you can buy for it. Whether it be a cheap $5 silicone case or a $100+ extended battery case, you can believe that there is a case out there that will suit any mood and need required. On that note, I’ll be taking a look at the Callet today, a combination silicone case and wallet.

If you’ve used a silicone case before, you know that they are soft, flexible, and form fitting. They are also fairly smooth to the touch and very grippable. Fitting the iPhone 4 into the Callet is simple. The case stretches easily over it and the fit is fairly snug. On the back of the Callet, you’ll find 2 pockets that are built into the case. These are also made from silicone as they are all part of the case’s one-piece design. Because the pockets are also silicone, they can stretch a bit to accommodate a couple cards, some cash, and ID. You don’t have to worry about your cards or cash sliding out because the silicon material is quite grippy and keeps a firm hold of your valuables.

With all these features, you’d figure this would be the perfect case to carry around if you wanted to carry very little with your right? Well, yes and no. I’m not sure if I’m like most guys, but I carry quite a bit of stuff in my pockets. I carry a wallet, keys, and my mobile phone. My wallet is relatively thin so I don’t really notice it too much in my back pocket and my mobile phone I switch between my other back pocket or a front pocket depending on if I’m sitting down or walking around. Now, the problem I see of combining both my mobile phone and wallet is the added girth. The Callet is not a thin case. It adds quite a bit of thickness to the svelte iPhone 4 so having it in your pocket is definitely noticeable. There’s also the small problem I have with silicone. It’s a lint magnet. It’s one reason why I’ve never used a silicone case because I carry my phone in my pocket and my pockets are rarely ever lint free. However, the Callet would be great for those who don’t carry their phones in their pocket like women who have them in their purses or guys who carry them on a holster or a bag, but then if you do carry a bad around with you, then you have the space to carry both a wallet and your phone.

In theory, the Callet is a good idea. Why not consolidate the two things most people carry around with them at all times? In practice however, it might not be the best solution unless of course you are the type who has their phone glued to their hands at all time and never have to pocket it or place it in a bag. If that’s the case, the Callet is the perfect case for you.

You can pick up your very own Callet on their site here for $19.95. It’s actually very inexpensive so it really doesn’t hurt to try it out if you think you would benefit from it. They are available for iPhones and BlackBerrys in a wide range of colors.

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