Honestly when I think of Bose, I think of them as the old guard of audio. There was an era when Bose for the premium sounds system you wanted in your home and in your car. You probably have parent right now who were and still are in impressed with their Bose home theater or sound system. Bose definitely didn’t come cheap, so to own a Bose system mean you was ballin! So coming into this press event I went to yesterday I wasn’t really sure what they could show me that I’d really be interested in, but that change when I seen and her the Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker.

Sure there are tons of mobile speakers, and iPhone/iPod/iPad/etc external speakers out there, but Bose again proves that experience triumph youth. The sound technology that Bose has put into this thing, made for such an impressive sound in such a small device. I mean I was blown away at the sheer loudness of the speakers and by the way I could hear the details in notes being play as is common with a Bose system.

I was really impressive with the power delivered by a product of this size. There you add in the fact that syncing it up via Bluetooth was painless. They had iPads on hand, but I chose to link my HTC Inspire 4G phone and play some selections like “Moves Like Jagger” which I recently been listening to. I those to use Spotify, which allow for a completely streaming experience. Music streamed in via Spotify, and then streamed to the device via Bluetooth. The sound was great, I was like speechless as I just listened to the details of the notes and voices.

Now the Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speakers is on sales now and can be found on bose.com. It starts off at $299.95, with a nylon cover, or you can spring for the Dark brown leather cover for $349.95. If you don’t like any of those colors, Bose will be offering a selection of covers that range from $29.95 to $49.95. We are waiting for our review unit, so stay tuned for any more information as we put it through our real world use tests!

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