I mean come on, who hasn’t seen the power lace sneakers from Back to the Future 2. You might be wondering if G Style will all of a sudden start talking about sneakers now, honestly no. But these have “technology” in them. Supposedly powerlaces, LED panels, and electroluminescent Nike logo. This is one technology friendly shoe. We all know at children we seen this movie and those sneakers, and was waiting for the day we could own our own pair.

Unfortunately this is look like it will only be something the rich once again will get to own. According to Nicekicks.com, this will be sold via Ebay auction with the net proceeds going to the Michael J Fox Foundation. While I definitely don’t know selling these for a good cause, they should have opened this up to everyone. I’m pretty such they would have sold a lot of these. Nike will only be producing 1500 pairs, so if you have the dough good luck. My heart has sunken a little at this news as I would have loved to own a pair!

[Images from Nicekicks.com]
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