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Ballistic Releases New Lifestyle Case for the iPhone 4 – Rugged Protection in a Stylish Package

When you think of rugged cases, giant, hulking enclosures usually come to mind. To me, rugged rarely ever means stylish and most of the rugged cases I’ve seen would take first place in an ugly contest. Most are really thick and completely cover the iPhone 4 the point where its no longer recognizable as such.

Ballistic looks to change that with the introduction of their new Ballistic Lifestyle case. It offers rugged protection with one defining feature, it’s thin. Unlike other rugged cases, this one is ultra-sleek but still offers maximum protection. Made from TPU material, the Ballistic Lifestyle surrounds the iPhone, protecting the sides, rear, and is raised up front to keep the glass off surfaces when placed face down. The corners of the case are reinforced and a bit thicker than the sides are. They also include silicone inserts that allow for more shock absorbency when dropped on the corners. This is something missing from regular slim cases and is a needed feature seeing as more damage comes from when the iPhone is dropped on its corners.

The Ballistic Lifestyle is available in two colors, translucent smoke and translucent blue. Each includes a set of black and red bumpers to use. You can pick one up at the Ballistic site for $29.99 here.

Press Release

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – (September 8, 2011) – Ballistic, designers of advanced mobile accessories, is thrilled to announce it is now shipping the latest in rugged protection for the iPhone 4, the Ballistic Lifestyle (LS). A sneak peek of this latest design was offered at this year’s CES 2011 show and received an overwhelming response.

The Ballistic Lifestyle is setting new trends in the market of durable cases. It offers the best of both worlds— an ultra-sleek form factor, but still provides maximum protection. Ballistic Lifestyle for iPhone 4 is made of strong TPU material and silicone Ballistic Corners™.

What sets this case apart from the rest is the unique interchangeable corner bumpers, designed by Ballistic to have different thickness options. This allows for Ballistic customers to customize the amount of shock absorption.

“The Ballistic brand has become the market leader in the world of rugged cases because of our attentive focus on generating cases that not only promise superior protection but also light-weight designs that cater to our customer’s lifestyles,” said Adam Stubin, VP of Business Development, Ballistic. “The Ballistic Lifestyle (LS) case is our newest innovation which guarantees iPhone 4 users the superior protection they demand.”

The Ballistic LS is now available for $29.99 in translucent smoke and translucent blue, at www.goballisticcase.com.  Each color includes one set of standard black bumpers and one set of large red bumpers for extra protection.

Samuel Huanghttp://www.gstylemag.com
Samuel Huang is an avid gamer and all around tech geek. When not glued to his computer or iPhone, he can be seen pwning n00bs on PSN nightly. On occasion, he has the crazy dream of owning a vintage JDM Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GT-R or a Datsun 240Z.


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