Today I’m taking a look at the Logitech’s second tablet keyboard for the iPad. This one differs greatly from the ZAGG designed one that we reviewed a few weeks back. Unlike the ZAGG one which doubled as a protective case for the iPad 2, this one is a standalone bluetooth keyboard. Not only does it work on the iPad 2, it also works on the original iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard includes the bluetooth keyboard itself, a case, which also doubles as a stand, and 4-AAA batteries. This is unlike the ZAGG branded keyboard which uses a rechargeable battery instead that recharges via USB. This one instead uses regular batteries which can be a good thing, especially if you are no where near anyplace you can recharge at. All you would need to do for this is change the batteries which you can pick up at any store.

Setting up the keyboard is very easy. On the iPad, go into settings > general > bluetooth and turn on. Next turn on the keyboard and the iPad should immediately see it as a device that it can pair with. Tap the device on the iPad and it will give you a pairing code. Type the number using the keyboard and press enter. You are now paired to use the Logitech Tablet Keyboard with your iPad. This method can be used on both the original iPad and iPad 2. I’ve also tested it with the iPhone and it works for that too.

This version of the Logitech Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard is optimized for use on iOS devices. If you take a look at the function keys, they are mainly all shortcuts for use on the iPad. On this keyboard though, they are mainly used for media functions as well as locking the screen when you’re done. This one even has a “home” button that simulates the home button on the iPad. This keyboard does however lack the dedicated cut, copy, and paste shortcuts that were on the ZAGG keyboard. Unlike the ZAGG however, this keyboard has much larger keys and is a bit more comfortable to type on. This is one much closer to a standard sized keyboard. One thing of note on this keyboard, it’s laid out exactly how a Mac keyboard would be which makes me wonder if I could pair this up with my Macbook or even an iMac. It’s not something I was able to try however.

As stated above, the case can be used as a stand for your iPad. You just pop the outer shell apart and click in the base piece to secure it. The portion you place the iPad on has a groove on it so that the iPad will not slip off. you can even adjust the length of the base stand in order to adjust the angle at which the iPad will sit. It’s a very sturdy stand and I appreciate the fact that the keyboard is not attached to it so that you can have more freedom with how you use the keyboard.

For those looking for a flexible keyboard for your iPad, the Logitech Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard is a great solution. Because this isn’t a case like the ZAGG one is, you can use this on any iOS device. The only negative I could find for this keyboard was the fact that it uses regular batteries as a power source. I honestly would have preferred if it was a rechargeable unit via USB since I already carry cables with me usually. Still though, this isn’t a big enough negative to keep me from using the keyboard. In fact, it’s a very small issue and is really just a personal preference than it is a negative. This is my new favorite keyboard for the iPad due to its size, ease of use, and flexibility. It’s also not too expensive and the fact that it can be used for multiple devices is a huge plus. You can pick up the Logitech Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard for the iPad for $69.99 on the Logitech website here.