I was recently was sent some earphones made by Logitech, which are called Ultimate Ears. The box claim to be the #1 earphones of touring musicians. So I couldn’t deny taking up this challenge.  So in the challenge of Man vs the Ultimate Ear, who will win?!

The Logitech Ultimate Ears have a very simple but elegant design. Each ear bud was a different two tone color. The left side was chrome on the outside and black in the inside, while the right side was chrome on the outside and red on the inside. Was this a design feature or error? I don’t know but I like it regardless if it was intentional or not.

The cable is very thin, which is a little concerning to me as I worry of one wrong pull ruining these earphones. Otherwise the style is on point.

Point – Ultimate Ears

This area was a definite focus for me as the current favorite pair of headphones is the Astro Gaming A30 and favorite earphones was the Astro Gaming A*Stars’ (until my A*Stars broke and stopped playing out of one ear).

I’m very big on bass when it comes to my music, so if a pair of headphones or earphones doesn’t deliver that well, then it is game over.  The Ultimate Ears handles bass very well, but not as good as I would have liked. It is definitely good, but I’m just an elitist when it comes to my bass.

In fact the Logitech Ultimate Ears handled all forms of music well. From Jay-Z/Kanye West “Watch The Throne” to Dubstep music, I was able to rock out with ease. Plus the sound levels were very good.  I like to listen to my music loud, so if while using a pair of earphones or headphones, if I need to actually turn it down your product is booming!

Point – Ultimate Ears

Though I don’t mind using earphones, I’m not the biggest fan of them. I always have a issue finding a pair that can stay in my ears without falling out. My Astro Gaming A*Stars were perfect I’m this aspect.  The Ultimate Ears not so much. They do include a variety of ear cushion sizes to find a good fit, but even though I have tried a couple, I still have to worry about it falling out of one of my ears. I think I will have to try different sizes in each ear and see how that works.

These earphones are design to be worn in the traditional sense and also coming from behind the ears. This is a cool feature, but as I can’t keep them in my ear in the traditional sense, trying the behind I didn’t bother with. Another fact that I don’t like about these and many companies are guilty of this, what is with the making the remote control functions only iPhone/iPod Touch capable? I mean come on, Android is just as popular and probably more widespread now, those controls should work on more than just an iPhone/iPod Touch by now! The only button that worked for me for the Play/Pause one, the volume buttons were useless. So if you use these with an Android device, be aware.

Point – Man

Overall the Ultimate Ears 600vi by Logitech is a very good pair of earphones and definitely a product I will be using for my on the go music listening for now. Good (not great) on bass, stylish design, light weight, and not bad for the price. At a $119.99 price tag (Logitech.com), they are up there with a pair of BOSE earphones, but I think if you got the change for them, go head and spurge some!

If this version of Man vs Ultimate Ears, this one goes to the Ultimate Ears! But don’t take my word for it, want to give these bad boys a spin? Well Logitech will be letting us give one away to one of you guys. So you know how it goes, leave a comment on this post and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday at 5:00pm!

*UPDATE* And the winner is Turt99! Congrats and we’ll be emailing with directions!


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