This is the second case that id America sent me along with the previously reviewed Skyline case. The Gasket is completely different from the Skyline. Unlike the Skyline, the Gasket is a hard shell case that is really more about looks then it is about protection. The rear of the Gasket case is made of aluminum that is cut to resemble the gaskets used on an engine block.

The aluminum is seamlessly blended into some pretty hard plastic that clips into the sides of the iPhone 4. The inside of the case is lined in a soft suede which helps cushion and keeps the case from scratching the phone. The Gasket snaps on tight and does offer a decent amount of protection for the sides of the iPhone. However, the Gasket doesn’t really offer any front protection as when you place the iPhone face down, it still sits on the screen. Luckily just like the Skyline, the Gasket also includes both front and rear screen protectors as a bonus.

As I stated above though, the Gasket is really more for looks. If your a serious lover of cars, you’ll probably like this case a lot as it really does mimic the look of a head gasket. It’s a very stiff case and one that won’t come off easily. It comes in several different colors of aluminum to match your mood. The Gasket also doesn’t add very much bulk to the iPhone. It’s one of the slimmer cases I’ve come across.

Overall, the Gasket by id America is a very stylish case for automotive lovers. It offers a bit more form than it does function, but for everyday normal use, it will still do a decent job of protecting your phone. If you’re a more rugged iPhone user however, you may want to look into other cases that offer a bit more overall protection. Other than that, the Gasket is a stylish case that will appeal to it’s intended target audience. I say this is another hit for id America.

The Gasket is available for $29.99 on id America’s site here. It is available in four different colors.

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