We got something very different for you today here. Instead of the usual full cases we normally review, today we have a product called the Luxe Plates. These are stainless steel covers that stick to the back of your iPhone 4. They are meant to protect the back glass of your iPhone 4 while also adding a bit of style to it. It’s a cool alternative to the regular clear screen protectors of vinyl stickers most people usually apply. Each cover features exclusive art from their list of featured artists, or you can send in your own designs to have one custom made for you.

The price of one of these Luxe Plates is $22.95. That may seem a bit expensive at first, but it’s really not when you consider the fact that it’s made from a sheet of stainless steel and it’ll will probably protect the back of your device more than a regular clear screen protector will. These things are also super thin so you can easily use other cases along with this. In fact, the Luxe Plates will look great when combined with Apple’s own iPhone 4 Bumpers as you can get them in colors similar to the ones the Bumpers come in. Plus, the Bumpers won’t hide these great designs.

Now, Luxe Plates also went all out on their packaging. As you can see from the image above, each Plate comes in a really nice textured box. The neatest part about this box is the wax stamp that is on it. It really gives that feeling of luxury to it like an expensive bottle of wine. The back of the box has another card on it with the description of what you are getting along with some hand written notes. Also, a nice personal touch to it that makes it seem like each individual piece is hand inspected again giving that image of luxury. When you open the box, your Plate will be displayed in the box almost as if it were some work of art. It’s bordered by some really expensive looking textured paper and a metal plate under it with the Luxe Plates name etched in it. Overall, I was very impressed with the whole packaging of it and kind of felt like I shouldn’t even take it out of the box seeing as how nice it all looked together.

Moving on to the Plate itself, it is a very rigid piece of stainless steel. Even though it is very thin, it has a great hardness to it where you know it will not bend easily. The Plate is etched with the design of your choice and you can choose 1 of 4 enamel colors to fill the etching with. You can also choose to have no fill which if you like the color of raw stainless steel, you can do that too. The back of the Plate has adhesive on it. Just peel off the paper on the back, line up your Luxe Plates, and stick it to your device. Press down firmly and you’re done. Fitment is great and the camera hole lines up perfectly.

Like I said earlier, Luxe Plates are quite thin. They are thin enough where you’ll be able to still use most cases with it. I tried it with the collection of cases I have here and most cases will fit except for a select few that were already pretty tight to begin with. For now, I’m using the Apple Bumper in conjunction with the Luxe Plate in order to show it off in public. I’m using a Black Bumper though and might pick up the lime green one just to match the color of the etching on the Plate. Regardless, its a combination that I really like.

You can order your very own Luxe Plate on their website here. Again, they cost $22.95 each and you can choose from either one of their premade designs or you can send them a design of your own for them to make. Either way, you are getting a quality stainless steel back cover that will last you at least the life of your device.

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