Over the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out what might be one of the most versatile car mounts out there right now, the EXOGEAR Exomount. Unlike other mounts that are made for specific devices, the Exomount is designed to be a universal mount that can handle devices up to 5-inches in width. That means, it’ll hold pretty much any mobile phone on the market right now along with most GPS units as well. It will even holds most mp3 devices on the market as well.

I’m going to jump into what really drew my towards the Exomount and it’s one of the feature that differentiates it from most car mounts. According to EXOGEAR, the Exomount has the unique property of being able to be mounted on almost any type of surface. It can supposedly not only stick to windows or mirrors, but also to dashboards, drywall, and even wood. I’ve tried this with regular suction cups before and they only work on really flat even surfaces like windows and mirrors. How is it then that the Exomount is able to stick to all these other kinds of surfaces? I wasn’t too sure either until I finally received one.

You seem while most mounts use just a standard large suction cup, the Exomount suction cup is made of a patented material that in itself is quite sticky, even without using suction. In fact, it’s so sticky that it’ll pick up random fingerprints and any dust that it comes in contact with quite easily. It is recommended before mounting this that you clean the suction area with warm water as well as the surface you are putting the Exomount on so that there isn’t any dirt or dust that would keep it from mounting correctly.

I actually did try this on several different types of surfaces to see if it worked as promised. I even tried it on my dashboard that is not smooth at all and has a bit of  texture to it. It worked! It stays on nice and tight and even with my iPhone mounted to it, it would not budge. I think the whole secret behind it has to do with the material used for the actual mounting. As I stated above, the material is quite sticky. It’s also very rubbery feeling with a bit of give to the material. I have a feeling that this, in combination with the stickiness forms a type of seal no matter what surface its on. It molds itself into all the little bumps or imperfections and seals it up so that it will create an air-tight suction. At least that’s what it looks like it’s doing.

Once it’s mounted to the surface of your choice, the adjust able head allows for a variety of positions thanks to the swivel head and locking mechanism. Once you find the right position, you just twist the ring on the back to lock it in place so it will not move. The Exomount uses a fairly heavy duty clip to hold your devices with silicone pads inside for grip. Using an iPhone 4, the clip and silicone combination kept my phone firmly in place with zero slippage. The silicone grips also keep your device from getting scratched accidentally by the clip. Again the clip portion is adjustable so it will allow you to mount most devices either in landscape or portrait mode.

After using this for a week, I will say that it does everything it says it does. It actually can be used in more places than just your car but of course the car is the more ideal place to be using something like that. Now I can use my iPhone in the car as a proper GPS unit when need be as well as a place to keep my phone besides the cup holder.

The Exomount is available now from EXOGEAR for $29.95. You can pick it up from their website here. It seems like it’s only available in black right now, although they do show a white one which might be available in the future.

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