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Spotify: iTunes Killer? Oh Hell, Just One Hell of a Music Service!

Spotify….Spotify. To be honest I haven’t really been one of the people who has been waiting forever for this, just haven’t really been on the music streaming bandwagon yet. I’m still old school in my thinking, I still carry my MP3s around with me on the devices I want to listen to them on. Don’t get my wrong, I have a Google Music account, and I also have Amazon Cloud Drive account, but haven’t use either much. Hell I only use Pandora here and there. So with so many players in the game, who can be the best? I think I now seen what them Europeans have been raving about, Spotify has already done something that the others so far hasn’t….get me to delete the music off my mobile device.

Spotify to sum up is a music streaming service. With an Premium account, you can use it with a mobile application as well. I’m using mines with my Android phone. Spotify’s desktop app has a real look and feel of iTunes except it has cooler dark colors which I like, gives it this edge. While iTunes is all bright, cheery, and love kittens…..Spotify is dark, gritty, and feels bad ass lol.

Spotify seems to draw from all the cool features of every other service and does it well. It has the music application for Windows/Mac (a la iTunes), but I don’t have to pay tracks or albums because I get access to them already. It has a social element where I can see what my friends are listening to (a la Rdio.com). It has sharing components (Share what your listening to on Facebook and Twitter), hell you can even inbox your friends songs you think they should check up (very cool!). You can stream music (a la Pandora/Last.FM/Etc). And if they don’t have a song, but you have it in your own music collection, you are bring it into Spotify (a la Google Music/Amazon Cloud Drive).

And don’t forget the listening on the go. You can stream the music you want to listen to on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device. Won’t have an internet connection, well you can sync the songs you want to hear for offline listening (a la Slacker). I mean seriously Spotify has got you covered!

And their prices is reasonable for what they offer. There is are three tiers with Spotify. Free, Unlimited ($4.99), and Premium ($9.99). If you spring for the Premium plan you get all the feature, and access to enjoy your music everywhere, home, on the go, and underground.

You can check it out at www.spotify.com. Part 2 of this I’ll talk about the Android app a little. Until then I’m rocking out with Spotify!


Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


  1. I like the grittiness of Spotify. I’m just not feeling I need a premium account to stream on my phone especially since I can do it for free for Google Music. If it allowed me to do that I’d delete Google Music for good :)


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