I used to have a nice decent amount of apps when i used my Blackberry Bold 9700 last year, but once i migrated over to the “land of the droids” i saw my hunger for apps increase(totaling around 120+), so many more things could be done, and it just gets better as time progresses. But here are the many apps I use on my T-Mobile G2!

Angry Birds – multiple versions, one of the most fun games to play
AppMonster – organize some of the apps
Amazon Appstore – similar to the Market, always have that “free app of the day”
Barcode Scanner – might need to scan a code or two
Beautiful Widgets – makes my phone look lovely
Beluga – great group chat app. We @ G Style use this heavy
BestBuy – I shop there frequently, always grabbing a deal
Chalk Ball – highly addictive game
Chase – always checking my balance
Facebook – self explanatory
Fandango – very useful. I have used it for showtimes & to actually order tix.
Firefox – cool browser, can sync w/ my desktop version too
Foursquare – the only checkin app u need. my daily addiction
Goggles – nice showoff app when I 1st got android
Google+ – new social network site that is slowly popping up
Handcent SMS – use this over the naive version in the phone, just gives me a little more to play with.
iHeartRadio – random use, some cool radio stations.
LiveProfile – IM. works cool @ times, other times its irritating
LogMeIn – nothing like controlling your desktop from your phone, one of my fave apps, can get a complete view of my desktop like I’m home
Miso/GetGlue – check in apps for tv/movies/games.
MoboPlayer – plays about any video format without problem, also has ton of options to adjust to your viewing. highly recommend.
Netflix – if your not using this? what r u doin!!
NYCMate – you use the trains in NYC? get this. interactive maps, also gives the times. greatness indeed.
PaperToss – bored, kill some time and throw some paper in a can. funnier then it sounds
SportsCenter – keep up to date with the sports world, customize to your liking
Skype – I don’t use it as much i use it on my desktop. but its cool app
Tango – I’d probably use this more if my G2 had a FFC. but sadly it doesn’t.
Tapatalk – app for using forums, if the forum uses it that is. great when you can use.
TweetCaster Pro – my favorite tweet app to use, and I been thru alot. also can update your FB also
WatchESPN – want to see whats going on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPN3, etc LIVE. You need this, but it does require certain things aka if your cable provider supports it.
WordFeud – basically scrabble. I like this better then Words With Friends, but its android only *sigh*
XBox Live Stats – keep up with my gamerscore, others, also whose is currently online, good when it works.
Winamp – my music player. gives nice bit of options, works really good.
Youtube – so I can watch videos of kittens doing crazy stuff all day.

So these are the many apps I tend to use, there are others on the phone, but some haven’t been used in so long, some that came with the phone that I haven’t used, or some I may of downloaded and never got around to installing and using..yet. Maybe I’ll get around to tinkering with them eventually. If you think I’m missing a app and should be using it, most definitely let me know.

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