Ever since I got the HTC EVO 3D my phone stays in my hand, even in my sleep and I download like a fiend. So, what’s in MY smartphone ?

Androidify – a nice way to kill time-actually a nice distraction when Photoshop is driving me nuts

Angry Birds Rio – Need I even explain this one? Awe Some!!

Amazon App Store – Everyday it has a new paid app for free-who doesn’t like FREE?

aTilt 3D Labyrinth – Free on Amazon….pretty much it lol

Bank of America – So I can transfer money, check my balances real quick; etc.

Beluga – Group Messaging App. Used only to quickly stay in contact with my G Style Fam :)

Best Buy – I check what new gadgets are coming in, my Reward Zone points, as my Reward Zone card and to scan items while I’m IN the store.

Bible – I read it daily and I love that it actually reads the verses to me WITH feeling !

CallBlocker – no explanation needed lol

Clear Record Lite – Sometimes I just need to record calls for business purposes.

DI Radio – I have such an eclectic taste in music and this app has them all broken down by genres. Some I’ve never even heard of.

Dialer One – I don’t like plain anything and my dialer needed an upgrade and Dialer One lets me customize mine ;)

eBay – I am a massive shopaholic and I stay on eBay and the app lets me track my orders every 10 minutes lol

Entrepreneur – Very inspiring. I read Entrepreneur Magazine often so much easier to keep up with it on my phone.

Fill and Sign – This app lets me sign PDF forms on my phone. I actually find myself signing off on docs often so it’s handy.

Flashlight – Puts a handy widget on my home screen. I’m an insomniac and my son is a light sleeper so I use this often.

FlexT9 Text Input – The most accurate speak to text app I’ve ever used without me having to speak mega slow.

Foursquare – I’m not as active as Mr. G Style or Jason Million BUT it’s fun to watch them check in all day LOL

FreediYoutube – I use this to download the vids I want to my phone either as mp4 or a mp3

Geeky Avatar – I HATE when contacts in my phone don’t have pics so with this app I can make my own :)

Geico GloveBox – I can look at my policy, check on claims and anything else for my car insurance

Glow Hockey – A Tron looking table hockey game. Helps me pass time when I take my mom to the market lol

Google Music – Lets me play whatever I want, whenever I want from my Itunes library w/o adding it to my phone physically

Great HD Wallpapers – Only because I obsessively change my wallpaper every 3 days *scouts honor*

Horoscope – I delete this one and add it back a lot, hasn’t been too accurate for me but it has for others

Inkpad – I write everything all the time-when I don’t have pen and paper it lets me type in quick notes to remember

Jobs (careerbuilder) – Quick way to post for and look for jobs when I don’t feel like hopping on the MacBook

Leadership Quotes – Great motivational quotes daily that I can text or email others that need the encouragement as well

Liveprofile – Like most of my G Style Fam it’s my BBM alternative since jumping ship

MP3 Ringtone – App to find edit and assign ringtones. LOVE it!

Number Guru – I get random phone calls sometimes, this app lets me plug a # in 90% of the time can tell me who it is

Point Inside – A “You Are Here” map for almost every mall and airport. Yes, it REALLY works lol

Poynt – Local search app, very handy when I’m looking for the nearest gas station or ATM when I’m out and about

Pulse – The only RSS reader I use. I LOVE it, everything about it <3

Qik Video – App to make 2-way video calls with other Android or iPhone users and/or send video mail to anyone.

Ringtone Lite– Another cool ringtone app

S2 TweetNP – Tweets #NP what I’m listening to via Google Music on my phone

SemiSilent – Whenever my phone is on silent I can set it to let my phone vibrate or ring whenever my son calls

Shazam – When I hear a song and want to know the artist it tells me so I can download it

Speak Spanish – My grandmother got on me for not teaching my son Spanish-with this app he is learning the basics with annunciation.

Swiftkey – Bought it for my last Droid, an intuitive keyboard that learns your lingo basically and can type what you’re going to say before you say it. I haven’t used it much with this phone actually but it’s still awesome.

Thinking Space – Mind Map. Nuff Said

Tweetcaster – By far my favorite Twitter app to date on an Android device

Vevo – keeps me up to date on the latest music videos

WordPress– I haven’t used it to write my articles yet, it never worked on any of my BB’s. So far it seems to be working on my Droid much better.

Words with Friends – My addiction. My son and I take turns mopping the floor with each other in this game. Keeps me on my P’s and Q’s, literally.

Now that I showed you mine, what’s in YOUR smartphone?


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