Today I will be reviewing the latest case in my collection from The Joy Factory, the SmartSuit2. This is a much different case from the previous cases I have owned for the iPad 2. It is not a folio style case nor does it look anything like a book. The SmartSuit2 instead resembles Apple’s SmartCover from the front but has the added benefit of a hard protective shell on the rear. The SmartCover like front cover is attached to the rear shell making it feel a bit more sturdy than using magnets to hold it in place. It also doesn’t stick out on the side like the SmartCover does due to the large magnet and hinge. The cover is made from textured synthetic leather that continues to the rear of the case giving it a nice uniformed look. The inside of the cover is lined with a soft, microfiber type material that will not scratch the screen. The rear shell is made from a hard plastic material that feels very strong and sturdy.

The problem I had with folio style cases is that they never seem to be absolutely centered in the case. They would always slide around a tiny bit which if you’re anal, may bother you on a day to day basis. They are also not as protective as hard cases are as they have a bit of give to them so dropping them from a relatively decent height might not necessarily protect you iPad 2. The SmartSuit2 is different. Because it’s a hard shell case, the iPad 2 snaps into place and stays there. Another added benefit of this  is that you see a lot more of the bezel now on the iPad where with the folio case, much of the bezel was covered so if you had a white iPad 2, you really couldn’t tell. With the SmartSuit2, you can really show off the beauty of the iPad while still protecting it. The case has openings for all the buttons, ports and speakers and each is very easy to reach and use. The camera hole in the rear is also perfectly aligned which is a huge plus. The rear is covered in the same synthetic leather as the front of the case which looks pretty good and I actually prefer this than just having a plain plastic rear due to the fact that with a plain rear, it’s easier to have it scratched up and after a while, just wouldn’t look as good anymore.

What really drew me to the SmartSuit2 other than the function was the way it looks. This is one of the few cases that comes in a color that is complimentary to the white iPad 2’s. The one I got is white and silver and it look really sharp when paired up with my white iPad. The iPad blends well into it and it almost looks like the entire thing is one unit. The color and design of the whole case really flows with each other.

The cover functions exactly like the SmartCover does. It has magnets in the case that can wake or put the iPad 2 into sleep mode and the magnets are strong enough to keep the cover closed as well. The cover also rolls up into the familiar SmartCover triangle for horizontal viewing of movies or photos and you can also use it to elevate the iPad for easier typing. The stitching on it looks really good and doesn’t look like it’ll come undone anytime soon.

The one thing that has kept me from buying an official Apple SmartCover was the fact that it offered no rear protection for the iPad 2. The SmartSuit2 addresses this issue. The Joy Factory really did a fantastic job on the SmartSuit2 design. It basically takes two different types of cases and combines them into one functional and stylish design. The SmartSuit2 also keeps the all package nice and slim which is a big plus as the whole point of the iPad is to keep things light and portable. The SmartSuit2 is so far my favorite iPad case of all the ones I’ve tried so far. For anyone wanting an alternative to the SmartCover, I highly recommend this one.


  • Ultra-slim case – only 9.5mm – envelops your iPad2 in elegant synthetic black or white silver synthetic leather, without added bulkiness.
  • Wake up your iPad2 or put it to sleep instantly – just open or close the case.
  • Hard case snaps on to the back of your iPad2, covering all four edges to prevent scratches and wear.
  • Stand upright for video viewing and lays flat for easy typing.

The SmartSuit2 is available now on The Joy Factory’s website for $59.95. It is available in either black or white silver. You can pick one up here.


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