So there are tons, I mean literally tons of music streaming and music in the cloud storing service out right now, so how to stand out among the rest? Easy, let us fulfill that inner desire to be DJs and let us have people listen to our mixing! This is what Turntable.FM does and I’m addicted.

With Turntable.FM you either enter in one of the existing rooms or create your own. Once in a room you can search for music that may be in Turntable’s catalog or uploading your own. From there you can listening to the music on your own or hop on the stage and start DJing to anyone who will listen. If your a listener, you can Lame or Awesome the current song playing. This will give the current DJ a point if you Awesome or remove a point if you Lame it. What is cool with the avatars, if you awesome a song, your avatar will bob its head. Just imagine you spinning on the ones and twos and the room is crowded with bobbing heads.

Right now Turntable.FM is in beta, and you can only get in if you have a friend on Facebook who is also a member of the service. Trust me when I say this site is cool, it is cool. I love using it and especially at first, it is a cool music streaming site that lets me listen to tracks I forgot and new stuff I haven’t heard. Check it out at