When an old enemy resurfaces and fatally wounds the Green Lantern Corps greatest member, he must journey through the galaxy in search of the person who will be chosen to wear the ring next. His ship crash lands on Earth and the ring sets out to find who it feels is worthy enough to now possess its powers. The ring chooses Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) a talented, but very cocky test pilot. After it is explained to Hal, that he has been chosen by the ring itself to be the new bearer of its powers, the Lantern Corps member dies, leaving Hal with a bunch of unanswered questions.

The Green Lantern Corps are a group of intergalactic warriors who are protectors of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. There has never been a human chosen to join the group of protectors, because they were considered not intelligent enough to harness the rings great power. When the ring takes Hal back to the planet of the Green Lanterns, he is not so quickly welcomed by some of its members. One thing about the Lantern Rings is that they never make a wrong choice when picking a new wearer, and when choosing Hal it brought a characteristic to the corps that none of the other members had, humanity. Hal is reluctant to take on the challenge of becoming a superhero, but his childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) tells him that it is his duty, because he has been chosen to do something wonderful with his life. Hal will have to learn to use the rings great power quickly, because once it got to Earth, it also made its presence known to Parallax, the creature that killed its previous bearer. If Hal can master his new powers, overcome his fears, and defeat Parallax, he will become the greatest Green Lantern member there ever was.

I didn’t think this movie would be good from the first time I saw the trailer. I thought it looked kind of boring and lacking the type of superhero action I have grown to love. As you may know I was an avid comic book reader growing up. Marvel comics have always been in the forefront when it came to superheroes. When movies started being made about various comic book superheroes from Marvel as well as from DC comics and a few independent comics, Marvel still seemed ahead of the game. DC has had a few successes with their Superman and Batman franchises, but that has been about it. So now they decided to make a movie of Green Lantern. I never thought of Green Lantern as that cool of a character, I mean his abilities were pretty cool, but it was just something about him, that seemed kind of weak as a superhero. Maybe it was because he really didn’t need to get in a fight close–up, instead using his rings powers and fighting bad guys from a distance. Whatever it was, it stayed with me all these years and I still don’t like this character.

I thought this movie was good special effects, but I just don’t see this as an ongoing franchise. I also thought that this first villain they had him face was pretty lame as well. The villain prayed on your fears, but superheroes are supposed to be fearless. Hal, although he was a fighter pilot, seemed scared to take on his new role of being selected to become a superhero. This ring can manifest anything you think of, and it can make you fly, why would you be scared of anything? I mean aside from it losing power and having to be charged up. There were some funny scenes in the movie. I do enjoy Ryan Reynolds as an actor, but I just couldn’t get into this movie. Now there is a hint that there will be a sequel, and I knew the comic book, so I had already known about Green Lanterns most formidable enemy. The next one will probably be better than this first one, but hey they had to get the origin story out of the way, so I’ll let this one slide. I gave this movie 1 ¾ rings out of 4. Like I said, it just wasn’t that exciting or action packed. The movie runs 1 hour and 45mins. It was rated PG-13 for intense sequences of Sci-Fi violence and action. The film was written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Gil Kane. It was directed Martin Campbell. The movie was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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