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[Father’s Day Gift Guide] – Japanese Star Wars Victorinox Pocket Knives

As you know, Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and that means finding the right gift to show your dad how much he means to you. Instead of just getting him another useless tie, why not pick up something unique and memorable this year. Like any real man, your dad probably likes to tinker with things occasionally and even fancies himself as a part time handyman. Now what handyman would be caught dead without a trusty pocket knife?

For most of you, your dad is probably of the age where he was around during the original release of Star Wars: A New Hope. So why not get him this officially licensed LucasFilm collectible Star Wars Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife? Not only will he have something he can hang his keys on, but like MacGyver, he’ll be ready to tackle any situation with this thing – Not really but it’s fun to fantasize.

You can pick one of these up over at ThinkGeek right now for a low $19.99 with three different designs. I myself am in love with the Stormtropper design so if you were thinking of getting me something for Father’s Day, there’s a little hint right there.


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Samuel Huang is an avid gamer and all around tech geek. When not glued to his computer or iPhone, he can be seen pwning n00bs on PSN nightly. On occasion, he has the crazy dream of owning a vintage JDM Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GT-R or a Datsun 240Z.


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