Looking for something good this father’s day? Here’s a gift for the High-tech Dad, the NOOK Color e-Reader by Barnes & Noble.

This vibrant 7-inch touch screen, is not just an e-reader, it’s the “Readers Tablet” according to Barnes and Nobles. The Nook color has been updated with Android Froyo, so while your dad is reading the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine he can also check his email on the Nook Color. The magazine reading experience has been enhanced, there’s a new slider bar at the bottom of the screen that makes it easier to move quickly through the magazine. Your dad can choose from numerous titles and magazine subscriptions, with the built in WiFi which allows you to download Books and Magazines from the Barnes and Nobles market within seconds.

Touch screen Web browser works well; it supports PDF, Word, displays images and some video support for audio, MP3 files and Flash support for Web browser. You also have an email app which allows you to have up to six email account, including AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Nook friends is a new feature, to start you choose from your existing contacts on the device or enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to be your Nook friends. They have to have a BN.com account, but don’t have to own an actual Nook. With this app you can lend out a book to one of your Nook friends, you can even ask to read a friends book when they are done with it.

Wondering if Nook Color has game apps? Well they do, dad can choose from Anger birds, Solitaire, Hangman, Aces Jewel Hunt and Astraware Casino just to name a few.

So instead of getting Dad those golf clubs or a tie you know he’s not going to use, get him the easy to use e-reader Nook Color by Barnes and Nobles.

Screen: 7 Inch

Flash Memory: 8 GB

Supported Flash Memory Cards: microSD , microSDHC

Supported Still Image Formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF

Battery Life: 8 hours

Audio: speaker(s)

Supported Digital Audio Formats: MP3

Input Device: Touch screen

Wireless Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n