Tweetbot is a Twitter client I really like and use it as an alternative to the official Twitter client from time to time. This update adds a lot of new features and bug fixes. The big news here is view support for Twitter’s own Twitter Photo service which the official Twitter app doesn’t even have yet.

What’s New in Version 1.2

– New User/Hashtag picker in compose view
– View support for Twitter Photos
– Added quote format setting
– Pinboard support in the read later options
– Pro support
– Custom API Endpoint for URL shortening and image uploads
– Google/Instapaper Mobilizer support in account settings
– Option to select absolute or relative timestamps
– Ability to undo a retweet
– Ability to retweet from another account (hold down on the retweet button)
– Tapping on a success/failure message dismisses it instantly
– Added @username/listname for followed lists. (solves the problem of following lists with the same name)
– Pikchur image upload support
– Various bug fixes

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