I have been hearing a lot of people hating on this new Beyonce track. But I am seriously feeling it’s time for a #Girlpower movement. Looong overdue. Watching her on the #Billboards perform this last night really motivated me. This may not be the best EVER Bee track, but the message is undeniable. The fact that she has Danielle Polanco in her video is an added bonus. Don’t know who she is ? Get familiar ….VERY familiar.

This song has got me through my job on tough days because I definitely run my house, my office, tell everyone what to do and when they pay me..they still like me :). Kudos to Beyonce, I believe women needed an anthem. Something positive-definitely not the usual get drunk and drop it like it’s hot-POSITIVITY. As usual….No one is touching her style…Not a one. If I had a female crush ..she’d be it. That girl works HARD. *tips hat* *Goes back to Tina Turner hair swing*

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