Cases for the iPad 2 that take advantage of the new Smart Wake / Sleep feature are finally starting to crop up everywhere. Manufacturers are starting to include the prerequisite magnets in their cases, but not all of them are doing it in an elegant fashion. Apple’s own Smart Cover probably has the best cover design so far of all the cases available, but lacks rear protection.

With that said, The Joy Factory has once again improved upon Apple’s Smart Cover design. We posted about the SmartBlazer2 a few weeks back which was a folio style case with a Smart Cover-like design. For those who want a case that is much slimmer but provides the same kind of protection, the SmartSuit2 is now available for purchase. The SmartSuit2 takes the overall concept of the SmartBlazer2, but uses a hard case shell for the back instead. This allows the case to be much slimmer at only 9.5mm. Unlike other hard-shell type cases, this one is wrapped in synthetic leather, which gives it a touch of class. Since the SmartSuit2,s cover design is based on Apple’s own Smart Cover, it has the same viewing options as well. You can prop your iPad horizontally to view movies or pictures and can also prop your iPad on it’s back for a more comfortable typing angle.

  • Ultra-slim case – only 9.5mm – envelops your iPad2 in elegant synthetic black or white silver leather, without added bulkiness.
  • Wake up your iPad2 or put it to sleep instantly – just open or close the case.
  • Hard case snaps on to the back of your iPad2, covering all four edges to prevent scratches and wear.
  • Stand upright for video viewing and lays flat for easy typing.

The SmartSuit2 is available on The Joy Factory’s website for $59.95 which isn’t that bad considering you’d have to pay that much or more for an official Apple Smart Cover plus a 3rd party rear hard-case shell. It is available in either black or white depending on your tastes. I personally would go for the white one.

[via The Joy Factory]
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