Ooma is a favorite here at G Style, for their stylish products and their ability to save you a ton of money on local & long distance calling. Last time we talked about Ooma, they had introduced HD Voice. Now they have followed up with an Android mobile app, to add to their exiting iPhone one. Looks like Android is getting some love.

The Ooma mobile app allows you to make calls from your Ooma system from outside of your phone. This can be using via WiFi or the phone’s 3G connection. Think about that right there. Say you are out of the country and want to make calls back to the US, you could use the Ooma mobile app and save up to 90% on international calls.

What about about on the go. Don’t want to use up your anytime mobile minutes, well you could make a phone call from the Ooma mobile app, kinda of like Google voice, except you won’t be using the mobile minutes, you’ll be using your data plan for the call. So now you won’t need to have a high any or “unlimited” mobile minute plan, you could offload those minutes to Ooma.

The app will run you about $9.99 in the Apple Appstore and Android Market. Now it isn’t all sweet, Though you could offload your minutes to Ooma, it isn’t free. Calls using the Ooma Mobile app start at 1.9 cents per minute for U.S. calls. Or you could purchase a Ooma Mobile calling plan which would allow you to talk for 1,000 minutes for only $4.99 per month. I wish it was free after the app purchase, but their rate isn’t too bad.

Also I feel like this app is half way there. I love that you can make calls from the Ooma app, but I wish you could receive calls as well. If this gets added to the app in the future, I would love it! You hear that Ooma, add the ability to receive calls as well, and your app will be super!

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