You might be saying to yourself, “not another Twitter app.” I know that’s what always comes to mind when I hear about another Twitter app. Tweetbot by Tapbots seems to be different though. Upon first seeing the screens of this app, I thought to myself, “man, this app looks really good.” That’s one of the my main issues with a lot of Twitter apps I see in the app store. Many of them are just so bland looking compared to the official Twitter app and most don’t even offer the functionality that the official app provides.

Tweetbot is different. It’s a gorgeously clean app with a minimalistic UI. It seems to do everything a Twitter app should do without skimping on any of Twitter’s functionalities.  It even has built in shortcut gestures to make tweeting easier. It has much in common with the official Twitter app which isn’t a bad thing considering the official app is pretty good on it’s own. We haven’t had any time to play with the app yet but judging by the screens and the demo video, it’s certainly a Twitter app to consider when trying to choose the right app. Check out the demo of Tweetbot below and let us know what you think about it. Hopefully we can get some more information about the app and maybe some time with it as well. Stay tuned.

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