Well last night I attended another RIM launch event. This time for their upcoming Blackberry Playbook. It was a classy affair like any other event before it. Both CEOs were present to talk about the Playbook and even I believe basketball player Dwight Wade was in attendance.

There was a DJ, drinks, finger foods, and plenty of demo units on deck to be displayed/touched/felt up. I believe there was suppose to be some presentation, but that seemed like it was on CP time.  At 7:30pm RIM took a page from any launch event I’ve ever been to and gave attendees their own Playbook to take away with them in their gift bags.

I wasn’t expecting this. With a smartphone yes, but this was RIM great white hope as they are losing mindshare to Google and Apple. With the price point and tablet status, surely RIM wouldn’t be giving them away. Nope I definitely have mines in tow as I head home. And you know it makes sense. Just like any device before it, RIM floods the media with the device.

What do they hope to achieve by this. Well for one, like right now they hope we talk about it, maybe give it a good review, show it off to people, and get seen with it so it generates buzz.

Will it work? Well for one I won’t be sugar coating it. You know I already left Blackberry for Google. So let’s see if this Playbook can regenerate my interest in RIM. Expect a full review very soon, as I’m about to in on this tablet!


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