I still can’t help but *giggle* when I see or hear the name Diddy Dirty Money but my love for Dawn Richard keeps me continuing to follow the Last Train to Paris…..

One of my favorite songs on the album is I Hate That You Love Me so waking up to find the video was the cherry on top of my day. I do actually LOVE this album but…. I think I waited so long for this train I may be a little overly critical of the album as a whole so I avoided reviewing it altogether. With that being said I won’t dwell I’ll continue to enjoy my cherry….

Diddy has always been a master, in my opinion, at delivering product that manages to simultaneously stimulate at least two senses. This video adds visually appealing to what I already partitioned as ear candy. This track is ill to me (being the House Head that I am-OMG). As simplistic as this video may seem to some it’s a perfect compliment to the song. I think Kalenna kills this song and this pairing pushes Dawn more creatively than Danity Kane ever did or probably would have. The Dirty Money girls are a genius idea and their chemistry is ridiculous and I definitely appreciate that Diddy actually plays more the back in this song and let’s his girls shine in this one.

Sidenote Is anyone else as infatuated with Dawn’s shoe game as I am ?