“Just Go With It” was the #1 movie this past weekend, surprisingly beating out the Justin Bieber movie for the weekend’s top gross. In the film, Adam Sandler stars as Danny, a plastic surgeon and womanizer. His trick to getting woman is by wearing a wedding ring and posing as an abused husband to the ladies that he meets in order to get one night stands without any complications of having to actually date. When he meets a much younger school teacher named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), he falls head over heels for her, and believes that she is the one for him. When Palmer discovers Danny’s wedding ring in his pocket, which he didn’t have on when he met her, she gets very upset with him for not letting her know that he was married. Danny tells her that he is married, but is in the midst of a divorce. Palmer is not convinced, and wants to meet his soon to be ex-wife in person. So Danny asks his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his ex-wife in order for him to show Palmer that he really is getting a divorce. She agrees and they all meet up for dinner.

Things are going smoothly until Katherine gets a call from her kids, and forgets that she’s in character, and has now lead Palmer to believe that she and Danny have kids together. Danny ends up incorporating Katherine’s kids into his endless lie, and by unexpected circumstances, he ends up having to take everyone on a weekend trip to Hawaii. Danny now, just has to get through the weekend without anymore mishaps, and he’ll be set. What promises to be just a weekend of pretending to be a family in order to fool Palmer may actual change everyone’s lives involved.

I was surprised by the weekend results for top grossing movie. I surely thought that Justin Bieber would be the number one movie, being that all the young girls would be clamoring to see his bio movie. Probably because “Just Go With It”, is a romantic comedy and it came out on the weekend before Valentine’s Day, played a part in it getting the most money at the box-office. Whatever the case, I enjoyed this movie and thought it was very funny. This was your normal Adam Sandler movie, complete with all of the usual outrageous sight gags and his cast of regular comedic friends lending their time for cameos. One thing about Sandler is that he always has a part for his friends in his movies. Also making cameos were Kevin Nealon, and Rachel Dratch, two of Sandler’s “Saturday Night Live” alumni friends. Both of them were given very hilarious characters to portray, especially Kevin. Kevin’s scene in the movie had me laughing so hard. He was almost unrecognizable, as he portrayed a millionaire, who was obsessed with plastic surgery. Playing as the best friend of Danny in the movie was Nick Swardson as “Eddie”. Nick also has been in a lot of Sandler produced films, and he too had some very outrageous scenes in this movie.

The kids in the movie, “Maggie” & “Michael” were played by Bailee Madison & Griffin Gluck. Bailee, (Maggie) was particularly funny as the daughter of Katherine, because the whole time she portrayed being the daughter of Danny, she used a British accent, which was very humorous. Brooklyn Decker (Palmer) was a gorgeous sight to see in her bathing suit scene, which was no surprise, being that she is featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue. While I’m on the subject of bathing suits, Jennifer Aniston was also totally amazing looking in her bathing suit scene as well. The whole cast was very funny in this movie and I gave the film 2 ½ rings out of 4. It wasn’t as “fall out of your seat funny”, as some of Sandler’s older films, but it definitely was worth the money. The film ran 1 hour and 50mins. It was rated PG-13 for frequent crude and sexual content, partial nudity, brief drug references and language. It was written by Allan Loeb & Timothy Dowling. It was directed by Dennis Dugan. The film was produced by Happy Madison Productions. It was distributed by Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group.

If your going to lie to a woman, make sure you don’t get caught. Ezo
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