CES-Pre event, Digital Experience, in Las Vegas, Nike showcased their newest partnership product, Nike+ SportsWatch GPS, powered by Tom Tom.

Tom Tom, as you know is a leader in GPS devices and Nike is a international leader in sports apparel and sports related items. What a better match for this new venture product between the two companies.

Nike+ SportsWatch GPS, is geared towards runners. The product uses both GPS technology and the Nike+ shoe sensor to track every step the user takes. Then after your daily run or walk, you can upload the data to the Nikeplus.com website. The website will show you via mapping, where you ran or walked, find new routes, track your individual goals, receive coaching tips, challenge your selected friends, share everyone’s progress through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.com.

The watch connects via USB and can be set to remind when a run hasn’t been logged in the past five days. This feature is great for the busy metropolitan worker who may forget to exercise due to full work loads and long hours at the office.

While there are a few other keys features, by far the best seem to be the GPS feature and tracking feature. The style is the plus that makes you actually wan tot purchase one and wear it. Then on top users can receive recognition for achieving goals, such as fastest mile, longest run, fastest 10K, and fastest marathon.

The Nike+ SportsWatch GPS will be available to the public around April 1st (which seems to be a very popular release time for tech products).