We have arrived! Team G Style has touched down in Las Vegas. We won’t really be doing anything major just yet, but you might catch us at the convention center collecting our press badge holders and bags. So if you see if walking around, say hi as we are all about connecting and making new friends.

Tonight will be checking out the Digital Experience at Caesars Palace and then partying with Lenovo and the very cool people of gdgt.com. So be sure to check on some post from that tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we hit the ground running as we begin walking the showroom floor for the latest and greatest, and most important the most stylish & fashionable tech! We have some one on one face time set up with Samsung, so keep an eye out for that. We’ll also be visiting Show Stoppers and a T-Mobile event simultaneously so be sure to follow our Twitter feeds for live updates. We’ll have a recap of these events on Friday.

And one last thing, since CES will have some much information to give, we will suspend our no posts on the weekends rule! So be sure to keep checking the site on Saturday and Sunday for more CES post!