This is the question that just popped in my head recently. My cousin contacted me via BBM and said a friend of hers was selling a laptop for $1500, but it was worth $2300. She didn’t mention the brand or model yet, but I began to think, would I pay that for a PC Laptop?

In today’s day of inexpensive PC laptops and Netbook, can a PC laptop command such a steep price?

Sure you have some exceptions like people who are into PC gaming might cough up the cash for a top of the line gaming experience. Also those who choose to go the Apple Macbook route will pay this, as Apple has program people to think they are getting a premium label, so those prices make sense (not to say Apple isn’t a premium lable, with a market cap of over 300 billion they are definitely doing something right!).

But what about the average consumer who just wants to surf the web, use office, manage their pictures, and download music. Can a PC laptop command a $2300 price tage and still sell well? What do you think? And what would this PC have to have or be able to do for it it be worth so much? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.


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