It is that time of year again. It is time for the big show! CES 2011, where a stampede of the who’s who in the tech world will descend on Las Vegas to show off their latest and greatest! G Style Magazine will be there again to pick up what is hot and stylish in technology. This is our second CES trip, and this year we have a few more of the team coming with us! We will also have some of our team supporting back at HQ. So while CES will only last a week, we’re sure the information we get will be coming for most of the month.

So we plan to keep you covered once we hit the ground in Las Vegas. We will do this using a vary of way involving social media. Besides our post right here on G Style Magazine, we will be using Twitter, Flickr (now that that Foursquare has added photo and comment support, we may not need Flickr), and Foursquare. So in order to keep up with us, below is a list of our accounts so you can see and keep up with us.

G Style Magazine Accounts:
Twitter (@gstylemagazine)
Foursquare (@gstylemag)
Flickr (@gstylemag)

You can also get the personal feeds of our team members who will be down there on the showroom floor. Add these team members below:

Jason Anderson (Twitter – @jasonlanderson)
Jason Million (Twitter – @jmillionnyc)
Kyle Picinic (Twitter – @kpicinic)

So we are all set, are you? We’ll see you in Vegas!