With so many profiles across the net, I sometimes find it hard to centralized all of it. I do own my own name (finally was able to purchase my name’s .com) but even then I never seem to be happy with my site. So with that being said, I think I finally found my “home” online. I think I have finally found a site, that people can learn “about.me”

About.me is just that. It is a splash screen and a centralized hub of information about me. Right from the time you arrive on the site, you see a hand picked high resolution shot that I would like to represent me. Then you see a paragraph of bio information, that gives you a snapshot of who I am and what I do. And after that you can seen some of the other social media sites I’m a member of and take a peek of some of my content from those sites. I just started using this site and I love it!

Another very cool feature and one I plan to check often is the Dashboard area. From here you can see stats on how many people check out your page and what they click on to learn about you. You can also click on the Datastacks tab and see information about yourself from the other social sites you use. I was able to see my activities across the various social sites (I tweet way more than I change my status on Facebook). You can also see your reach, a combined total of how many friends you have on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and in my case contacts on LinkedIn. You can even see if retweets you, this is definitely a cool feature.

With About.me I think I have found my “home” on the net, I will definitely be using this page as the springboard to information about me. So when you have some time, check me out at about.me/jasonlanderson and sign up for one yourself, as the site is now out of beta, so anyone can sign up!

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