Foursquare today announced the availability of  their updated iPhone app to version 2.2. This is a significant update as it adds some brand new features to the social network. The two new features that are introduced is the ability to comment on check-ins and the ability to post photos with tips. These are two great features that are very much needed. Commenting on check-ins allows for better communication between you and your friends without having to resort to 3rd party apps and the inclusion of photos in tips helps with the whole visual aspect of social networking. Third party apps that connect to Foursquare have also updated their apps to make use of the new photo functionality in Foursquare.

We hope to have a full review of the new update soon as we will need a few days to test it out.

  • Comments make meeting up and exploring so much easier. Improve your day by telling a friend that you’re around the corner and they should swing by. And getting a last-minute comment reminding you to order the best dish saves your meal. (You can even comment on the website and from check-in links posted to Facebook and Twitter!)
  • Tips with photos changes everything. See dishes before ordering them, figure out if a venue looks fun, or easily identify a hard-to-find spot. More info = better exploration.
  • The past comes to life. You can visit your history page on to see all the places you’ve been, with photos and comments preserved. Remembering is more fun than ever.
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