Today I finally received my custom iPhone 4 DIY Tough Case from Case-mate. If you don’t know what the DIY Tough Case is, it is Case-mate’s answer to personalization. For starters, the DIY Tough Case is a dual-layer tough case that is comprised of an inner silicone layer and a tough outer ABS plastic shell. The silicone inner layer helps to pad the iPhone 4 from minor shocks while also keeping the outer plastic shell from scratching the phones exterior.

As you can see from the image, I created my own design for this case and I have to say that it came out really great in my opinion. The colors are rich and bright and the text I had included in the design came out nice and clear even though the font type I used was really skinny. I was a little worried about the type not showing up correctly but as you can see, it came out just fine. According to Case-mate, the image is embedded into the plastic itself so the image will never fade or rub off.

On the front, you can see that the silicone layers covers quite a bit of the phone. It is fairly thick and comes up over the top about 2 or 3 mm. This gives some relatively good protection all around especially when combined with the ABS plastic shell. One area however that might be a little weak is the bottom of the case. The silicone portion covering the bottom front seems a bit flimsy there and may not protect that area completely.

Other than that though, the DIY Tough Case is very nice and is a great way to show off your individual style and create a one of a kind case that you know no one else will have. You can order your own DIY Tough Case now on Case-mate’s site using their online creation tool and costs $39.99. Not too expensive considering you are making a one of a kind design.

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