Well in the new Paranormal Activity movie, the story premise is the same as in the first movie. A family buys a camcorder and discovers that they may have an evil spirit in their house. The one change is when they return home and their house is torn apart, they believe that they have had an intruder, so they set up cameras throughout their house.

Now I reviewed the first paranormal movie, and I felt it was complete garbage. This one was just a little bit better, but still a waste of time. In this one, there are 6 different cameras set up throughout the house so every night you have to look through each one’s footage to see the weird occurrences. What they did do in this one was incorporate it with the first, which I thought was pretty cool, the way they intertwined the two movies throughout. It turns out that the woman from the couple in the first movie is the sister of the woman in this family. So actually the family in this film has the demonic occurrences before the sister in the first movie does. It also turns out that their relative (not wanting to give too much away) may have made a deal with the devil, and that’s why the demon is coming after them, sort of. This one had more of the same loud sounds and closing doors as shock effects. One difference in this one was that there was a child and a dog, who would stare at whatever was in the house, and it made you think about when babies do that if they really see things that we can’t.

Another change was that the demon did more damage in this one, and had actually calmed down by the time he entered the couple of the first movies home. Then again when you see the movie, it’s not that the demon actually calmed down, but was more about trying to possess the woman. I know I’m all over the place, but I’m trying to review this without giving anything away. Anyway, overall this movie was just another disappointment. It could have been a lot better if they would have just added some actual scary images. The whole shock of seeing someone in a night vision lens just standing there in a daze is not scary. And of course they added the whole pitch-black effect to have a reason to go to night vision in the first place. I’ve heard that with the opening weekend success of this one, that they are planning on coming out with a third installment. Now like I said they incorporated this story with the first, so I don’t know how they will come about continuing the story in a sequel, when the events of part one lead to the ending of this one. I’m just going to give this movie 1 scare out of 4, because frankly there was only one scene that actually made me almost jump, and that was because it was a very loud sound effect. The movie runs 1 hour and 31mins. It’s rated R for some language and brief violent material. Very brief violence I might add. It was written by Christopher Landon, Tom Pabst, and Michael R. Perry. It was directed by Kip Williams. The film was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

If you hear sounds in the night, get out your camcorder, it could get you a movie deal. Ezo
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