Last week I checked out the i-mego Retro series headphones and after playing with them for the last week, here is what I think

First off, when you first look at these headphones, you can’t help be think of the microphones that were used back in the 50s. Its because of this design that I love these headphones. The premium quality that makes up the ear cups is just superb sturdy and do not weigh down the headphones. Also the thick and very comfortable padded headband fitted nicely around my head. Two weeks ago when I reviewed the i-mego moody series headphones, I spoke of the metal rods that stuck out the sides awkwardly. I am happy to say that the Retro series does not fall under the same fate. The rods now curve as you adjust the headphones so that they stay flush with the headband. The leatherette ear coverings were also nice as they provided a tough yet comfortable wear.

The audio on the Retro series was excellent. I was very happy that there was minimal to no noise leakage when the volume was high and the base was quality.

Overall, the i-mego Retro series headphones is a quality buy. As I wore them, I wanted people to stop me and ask about them since they are so unique in design and I haven’t seen anything like them in the public. The i-mego Retro series headphones come in three colors, red, brown and white and retail for about $69.90. By going to and click on the shoplist area, you’ll be able to purchase these headphones.


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