Blancspot is a different kind of news reader by the folks at Blancspot Media. Unlike other news readers that can be filled with too much news and noise, Blancspot brings to you only whats relevant and news worthy that is going on in the world and unlike other news readers, Blancspot is a visual delight. Headlines grab your attention through use of photos instead of just plain old text.

News headlines are presented to you one at a time through a series of captivating photos which allow you to flip through the news like you would a photo book. There is even background music while you are browsing each news post that helps clear your mind of outside noises and keeps you focused on the news. It’s a very interesting concept indeed.

Blancspot is very easy to use and there doesn’t require really any setup at all. Blancspot is very similar to apps like Pulse and Flipboard but there are no RSS feeds to worry about. Blancspot just feeds you news it thinks is important from each of its topics. These are pretty much the top headlines of the day. You can link Blancspot to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts and share news with your friends that you find interesting.

There also seems to be a live Twitter feed you can view that shows what people are talking about this very second, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with the news feeds that show up on Blancspot. It’s kind of a strange inclusion if it has nothing to do with the post. I would have thought that I could see what people had to say about each given post on Twitter but that is not the case as it doesn’t seem to filter out content like that for Twitter. Shame.

Besides that though. Blackspot is a very useful tool that I find myself using everyday now during my free time to catch up on news. It’s nice to be able to just browse topics of interest just buying viewing the relevant photos. Sometimes, I may not be interested in the story, but the photo is so good that I click on it anyways to see what it’s about.

Final Thoughts

Blancspot is my go to news app right now on my iPhone when it comes to non-blog related news. It presents me news that I don’t normally read during the day and it’s really refreshing to see what is going on in the real world sometimes. I’m a busy person and sometimes it’s very hard to be caught up on current world events especially with children and work. Blancspot helps me keep up with what’s going on in the world without the information overload.

Rating: 4/5


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