We just received the i-mego Street series Moody headphones and spent the last week using and getting a feel for them. Here is what I thought so far.

The overall look of these headphones is were good. They are flasher than the Able Planet headphones I reviewed a couple of months ago by having a brown unique design on the ear cup plate that definitely follow the moody feel. I would have liked an option of choosing different ear cup plates that would have the same design but different colors to really capture my mood.

The ear padding, although appeared small, did cover my entire ear and felt comfortable even after long use. I was afraid at times that the thin ear padding cover would rip, but it didn’t. The sturdy headband fit nicely over my head and was secure in place once I got the headphones sized properly. There was no padding on the headband itself, but that had no affect on comfort. The metal rods on the sides to adjust the headphones worked but awkwardly stick out the sides of the headband.

The audio output of these headphones overall was good. I had nothing to complain about and there was no noise leakage when wearing them. When playing music with a lot of bass, the headphones held up and I was happy with the sound.

In general, these headphones are a good purchase. I can see a lot of teenagers wearing this type of style to express themselves. Doing a search for the i-mego Street series: Moody headphones, I was only able to find them at eCrater.com for $34.99.


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