So I came across these 2 apps on the App Store that seem to accomplish the same goals. Both Fiddme and Foodspotting are social network sites that are food based. What you do is instead of just writing about the food you are eating, you take pictures of it, upload them and then write something about it. All of which can be linked to all your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. I’ve decided to try both out and see which one is more appealing. Both are free. Both seem to have the same App Store ratings for their current version but Foodspotting seems to have more users. I can already tell you that no one on any of my social networks is using Fiddme but I did find a few using Foodspotting.

Stay tuned in a few days when I finally choose the winner. Sorry, but both Fiddme and Foodspotting are only for iPhones. That means no Android or BlackBerry apps, but Foodspotting does state that an Android app is coming soon. If you are using any of these two apps, I’d sure like to hear your opinions about them.

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