Some of you may remember those BlackBerry Visual Tours I used to post up on here which most of you seemed to like. Well, I’ve moved on from the BlackBerry and am now on an iPhone 4.So with that said, I plan to bring the same kind of Visual Tours and tips I had for the BlackBerry but apply them to the iPhone now. I know many of you out there are iPhone users so I hope these will be as helpful to you as my old Visual Tours were for BlackBerry users. I’ll also be posting some tips and tricks that you can apply to your iPhones.

Here is something I noticed this weekend after purchasing my iPhone 4. All weekend, I’ve been noticing a little triangle arrow icon that appears on the top right of my status bar next to the battery icon. Now for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was or why it was there. After looking through all the setting’s menus, I finally figured out that it’s for location services that some apps such as Foursquare or Twitter use to get your location. The icon appears to let you know that the app you are currently using will reveal your location publicly unless otherwise stated. Very handy icon to have as in this day of social media sharing, its sometimes difficult to just “hide” from the world sometimes.

If you don’t want these apps using your location, you can change them in the settings menu under settings>general>Location Services and either turn them all off or just specific apps that you don’t want revealing your location.

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