Amid all the rumors of ghostwriters, I’m going to politely ask peepz to “miss me wit all dat.” Whether there’s some Casper free hand penmanship sh*t going on or not , “Airborne” like Drake’s “So Far Gone”doesn’t sound like a mixtape. This is plain and simple good music that’s sounds better than some of the albums dropped this year. And again the kid is only 15 years old and spits like a veteran who appreciates and respects the game. From the first and title track “Airborne” featuring Wynter Gordon he speaks on the game, “As I take this journey I recognize my potential for success is just as great as my potential for failure. Fully aware of my current strengths and weaknesses experienced by those who came before me. The greats of my past have Walked This Way left Blueprints and they’ve lost themselves Relasped and Recovered. I realize I’m not the only long explorer however, I am in no race the journey is all of ours. But I cannot lie I desire the victory of achievement to be mine, humbled however fearless. I am exposed to criticism of onlookers but my faith and direction come from above I am..Airborne

For those true dancers out there, one of my favs is “No Gravity” featuring K2

are one of a few great vocalist on the hook on the mixtape that sound like they were hand made to show their pipes on their particular featured song. If anybody knows me they know I’m out on the floor gettin’ my life on this track. Diggy opens with “Everything I ever could’ve imagined these dreams of mine that I’m craftin’/In between the lines that I’m draftin’/To the minds of teens that I’m impactin'” And let’s you know that he is fully aware of his position and how he influences the youth of his generation. On“Thinkin’ Bout U” Featuring Bei Maejor is on some grown man sh*t for the ladies and teenage mami’s with some mature swag, “Can’t figure it out but know that I gave you my all/ funny how you took it for granted and never started off/ the jewelry the flowers the late night hours when I was kept I told you I thought the world was ours”

At the risk of reviewing each song peep a couple of more bangerz from the mixtape such as “Big Bad World” featuring Colin Munroe (who is slowly on the come up) where Diggy matriculates his flow all up and through this melodic track. But you gotta “Nod Your Head To This” shout out to Kings of Swing & DJ Cocoa Chanelle because“Oh Yeah” featuring Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell the kid holds his own with lines like “If I am such an amateur when I come around whatchu panic for/ Cuz U know I’m hotter than the planet’s core/ Hands are sore from writing ice /Colder than the winter’s lighting device/ My clock is mantle and my timing’s tight I know you think Lupe’s writing right? “ Diggy goes into the booth (pun intended) with “Super Hero Music” featuring Raekwon and is there for young lady in trouble on “You Got Me Now” Featuring Jacob Latimore.

If you want to understand Diggy’s “Vision” Featuring Ghostwridah & Eric B.he takes you through it step by step. So as a 15 year old MC, to have every teenage girl’s attention why not rock “Put you On” Featuring Chris Brown and quiet kept Breezy’s been spittin a little venom on the mic and with Diggy diggin in once again the combination of his & Breezy’s flow along with the hook the pandemonium of teenage girls should be happening at any moment……5, 4, 3, oh my bad not writing from the office right now so I can’t see the craziness. lol Airborne is a banger that could be an official album so advise that the MC’s get there game up because the kid don’t look like he’s going to let the legacy go without causing a ruckus.