Peek introduced their new Peek 9 device which adds quite a bit of new functionality to their service. As you know, the Peek is a device that used to only do unlimited email and text messages for a monthly service fee. There was also a device that did twitter as well but for just email, text, and twitter, a device like this wasn’t really worth it in my opinion especially with smartphones being so abundant.

The Peek 9 changes all that. The new Peek 9 allows you to email, text, view Twitter updates, Facebook updates, use Google Maps, check the weather, sync to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, view attachments, and subscribe to RSS feeds. That’s a lot of new features and all for as little as $10.00/month* for data service. The device however will set you back about $70.00.

Those of us with smartphones like the iPhone, BlackBerry or and android device will probably find little need for the Peek 9. However, those with “dumbphones” who only pay for voice service might find a device like the Peek very useful. $10.00/month is cheap compared to what you would pay your carrier for unlimited text messaging and with Peek, you get that along with unlimited data services and a bunch of smartphone like features at a price that’s not so outrageous.

On a side note, the Peek 9 could actually make a great device for kids and students. It’s low cost of entry and the fact that data is all unlimited might appeal to parents who might not want to spend $30/month on data + $15-20 on unlimited text services. The Peek does most of the things they’d want to do anyways which is text, Facebook, Twitter and Email.

*$9.99/month service plan based on prepaying for 2-years. Month to month is $19.99/month.

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